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Aroma Breez Marjoram Aromatherapy Essential Oil (Snoring)

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INDICATIONS FOR USE: SNORING (also effective on dogs)- helps in some cases of Sleep apnea- Immune system booster- Colds- Bronchitis- Asthm- Coughs- Sore throat- Sinus headaches. Marjoram is one of our best sellers and is used to prevent snoring and sleep apnea. By smelling the Marjoram prior to sleeping & leaving the jar open, the airway passages are opened up and the obstruction is removed which is what causes the snoring.


Open the jar while preparing for bed, take 4-5 good sniffs before you retire, and place the open jar as close as possible to you on the night table. It is suggested that a saucer or something be placed under the jar to protect your furniture in case of spillage. In the morning, close the jar and give it a mild shake to refresh the sponge.

In the case of sleep apnea, the obstruction is more severe than the common snorer. It is recommended you take 8-10 sniffs. If using a CPAP machine, you may use the Marjoram with your machine. Take 5+ sniffs & then place the jar next to the intake valve on the machine. If the Marjoram is effective on you, you maynotice there is too much air coming into your system and the level on your CPAP may need to be lowered. There have been quite a few cases where the snoring has stopped on the first night. If you don't see an improvement in several weeks, you may try putting a little oil on your mustache (if applicable) in order to have a more concentrated dose throughout the night (test on back of hand first for sensitivity). Once the Marjoram kicks in you no longer need to do this. The effectiveness of the Marjoram varies from individual to individual. It doesn't seem to matter how severe the blockage is; what matters is how receptive that person's body is to that particular oil. We have had customers with severe cases of sleep apnea say the Marjoram kicked in the very first night yet common snorers have taken 6 weeks to stop snoring. So don't give up after just a week!

Do not use if pregnant
Money Back Guarantee: Use this product 2 months consistently. If you do not see an improvement in your condition, contact us to return the Marjoram for a money back guarantee (minus shipping and handling fees).

Important: When traveling, keep the oils in a zipper-type baggie(s) & try to keep it upright. Some customers have put saran wrap over the opening before capping the jar & said that gave a better seal.

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